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“Noor is a dark jewel. Beautiful, sorrowful, hopeful all at once. Complex rhythms, layers of sound, aching voice.”
-- Shoshana Edelberg Journalist/Musician

A review over at Sea of Tranquility
-- Richard Barnes

“...recalls Peter Gabriel, with quiet, intense vocals set against a modern, funky beat. ” more...
-- Donna Kimura at

“I was blown away by your cd, great to hear music dripping with passion, experience and a storey full of mystique. Stunning indeed. You have a sound that is engaging mesmerizing, haunting and holds you with it's story and composition. ” PBS FM Melbourne Australia
-- Peter Merrett

“Geoffrey has a unique style in my opinion ” more...
-- Melliflua

“Geoffrey Armes' latest album, Noor is definitely work... ” more...
-- Tiffany Razzano

“Deze cd heeft mij geboeid vanwege zijn originaliteit.” more...
-- Lize-Lotte Pitlo

“The most important thing that Geoffrey Armes has done in his new CD, Noor, is to create a work of art that is truly moral... ” more...
-- Harris Smart

“Noor reveals itself to be rather like a hybrid Arabic, Indian, West-African world music nod to prog an avant-garde progressive world music if you like labels... ” more...
-- Todd Evans

“I was particularly moved by Child, Noor, After Dark and Witness, which I thought really captured her spirit.”
-- Sharabani Basu, author of Spy Princess The Life of Noor Inayat Khan

A review over at Mythic Passages: The Magazine Of Imagination
-- Brenda Sutton

“[The] music is a unique mix of acoustic folk, middle eastern melodies, jazzy vibes and ethereal vocals.”

“Noor sets up and sustains an engaging aural landscape that really draws you in. It's very moving.”
-- KMcLeod
Read more as Kevin interviews Geoffrey here.

“I LOVE NOOR. Absolutely fantastic work.”

“REALLY digging it!!! Different with each listen....going to be in heavy rotation for a while. What a great vibe... did you track everything or were there some live sessions? It sounds amazing!!!”

This CD contains 7 tracks (over 50 minutes) of original music, and includes an 8 page booklet containing song lyrics, notes and background information, with graphic design and photography by Rob Dodson.


Noor Inayat Khan, Sufi Princess, daughter of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Children's Book Author, Musician, Allied Spy, died in Dachau September 13th 1944, 29 years old. The more I learned about her, the more I read her father's words, the more fascinated I became. This music is an expression of that.

Holder of both the George Cross and the Croix de Guerre, Noor Inayat Khan, the daughter of American Amina Begum and Indian Sufi Musician Hazrat Inayat Khan, was born in Moscow January 1st 1914. She spent most of her youth in Paris, but subsequent to Hazrat's death (1927), the outbreak of WW2 and the invasion of France Noor moved to London (1940). She returned to Paris in June 1943, as an Allied Spy Radio Operator, only to be captured in October. Held by the Gestapo, after great suffering Noor was executed September 13th 1944, in Dachau.

As I excavated this music, then worked it into shape I became aware of certain obsessions coursing through the lode... Like the moments of decision: to join the forces (a pacific Sufi daughter sees dark reality and the need for practicality and active work in the world), and when half-prescient she set foot in that Lysander for a final flight home. Like death, in Dachau.

Sufi, a particular stance, understanding, knowledge, or service. To give a life though? To what or who, inner or outer?