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Green Love
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Sleep Comfort
Reviewer: Ashley
I take you (alright, your Green Love) to bed with me nightly...

Soulful Journeys … Peaceful Love … Worldly Evocations
Reviewer: Leslie
Close your eyes and get to know this record, but be ready for your own personal transformation. Green Love’s emotional depth and spiritual joy will transform your soul. You’ll dream of the lyrics at night … and during the day, you’ll hum the melodies. You’ll hear exotic instruments, exquisite guitar, singing birds and rushing ocean waves. The lyrics are poetic, sincere, heartfelt and romantic containing powerful, vivid imagery that captures the imagination. Geoffrey Armes’ tormented vocals and musical style defy genres, but the songs will take you into their peaceful vibe and won’t let go.

ambient yearning
Reviewer: Habib
ambient, peaceful, melliflous, luxuriant... this deeply felt music, perhaps reminiscent in mood of David Sylvian’s ’secrets of the beehive’ or Japanese Sumi-e art will linger on your CD player. I loved having the lyric book to ponder over too.