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Noor, the follow up to his highly regarded Spirit Dwelling CD, takes us on another musical journey, this time weaving together the tragic story of a sufi princess, with his own spiritual musings about her life. The music itself goes from slow and moody in War Child, to jumpin’ and clubby in Take Me Up, to a haunting euro/arabic soul trip in Yasmeen, to a mid tempo rocker ballad in Anima Camera, to a sad and mournful meditation in Noor, to the funky epic mini-saga of After Dark, and finally to Witness where we are left feeling drained from the journey but up lifted by angelic voices and instruments that relieve us with a sense of hope and positiveness. This CD is really different in feeling and in it’s story. It touches you on several levels. On one level is the story of Noor herself, on another is Armes’ place in the middle of this telling of her story, and thirdly is the unique music fabric he has woven here. Give it a listen... Another music journey worth taking. Not just another sticky sweet pop hit, but real music. Music that challenges you, takes you somewhere, but brings you back feeling wiser, and yes, happier.