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January 2007

Geoffrey Armes’ latest album, NOOR, is definitely an inspired work that is hard to describe or classify as any one genre. The album, a song based on the life of Noor Inayat Khan, a Sufi princess, children‘s book author, musician, allied radio operator and spy, is a fusion of various types of music, especially various world music genres.

Utilizing many electronic blips and bleeps, Armes’ earnest vocals express admiration and respect for Noor‘s story. His songwriting is textured and jazzy at times, while subtle at others, while all the time evading any strict labels.

Though much of the music on this album may come across as soothing, making it good background music, this CD is not for the casual listener. Armes’ purpose is to convey Noor‘s life story. Many of the instrumental interludes require some very concentrated listening to appreciate the album‘s true beauty.

Check out the seven-minutes-plus ANIMA CAMERA and the more than nine-minutes long NOOR.