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Spirit Dwelling Review 3
Geoffrey Armes


Geoffrey Armes
Spirit Dwelling
Music For Yoga and other soul transformations…

Prepare to go on a meditative journey through rich sonic forests and over rolling ambient hills with Geoffrey Armes’ fifth full length album, Spirit Dwelling. Warm lakes of slowly flowing tone are fortified with, rhythmic grooves, and cool clear acoustic guitar water falls. Spirit Dwelling is sure to inspire and captivate the listener at the deepest spiritual level.

As a veteran performer and recording artist, Armes has pristinely interwoven rich synthetic drones, world percussion, guitars, and the occasional voice to open melodic doors. Throughout the cd, wise breaths of spicy eastern modes (Spirit Dwelling) and misty western pentatonics (Body Wisdom) create an aromatic dish that tantalize the auditory senses and transform the mind.

Visit Geoffrey Armes at for cd’s, performance dates, and musical treasures.

Review by Tom Tallitsch