Ambient Black

“So I walk into my brother's place in Boston Friday night and he's having a dinner party, and on the $15,000 stereo is playing... Ambient Black, and in the kitchen he's rapping about how excellent a CD it is, going on about mixing and bass tracks, and such. Wish you could have been there. It did sound great on 7ft Martin Logan speakers...”
brother of stereo guy

“How do you describle one man's work when he has accomplished the work of ten men?” more...
--Shane Keller

“I really dig what I'm hearing, its very organic and earthy. Not what most would expect when they hear the word 'Dub'”
--Russ Rogers
String Alley and the LIMSN

“I just wanted to tell you again how much I like Ambient Black. I have had a lot of strong experiences this last month, people who have died, very intense new tasks to do, changes with my family. At this kind of time, I am exquisitely sensitive as to what kind of music I can bear to listen to. Mostly I've been listening to you, which is really interesting to me. Thank you.”
--Honora Foah
Visioneering and the MythicImagination

As heard on the PBS television series Roadtrip Nation
Consisting of remixes from Red and three new instrumental pieces featuring lots of percussion, funky guitars, and echo chambers, this is one of the best things to have come out of Village Recording yet. The sounds are positive, honed and sparkling, as befits a record that at one and the same time is soothing, trippy, funky and dancey. A very unique sonic environment, quite different from Red or Green. Includes another exclusive cover design by Rob Dodson.