Ways to get the Music
- Download complete package.
(All 12 songs and booklet)
- 14 page full color booklet.


"Perfect music for those people that are alive, living life, feeling, aware."
-- EthnoMusicMan
"On the July 2008 hitlist at iJamming"
-- iJamming
"Nice! Not only is the music great but the artwork is very charming. Love the handwritten style. That's so rare in this computerized age. :-)"
"The songs are both intimate and organic..."
-- Dan
""Snow Country" has a catchy beat, well-orchestrated embellishments and an emotive lyrical delivery..."

A collection of songs I wrote during the nineteen eighties and nineties, interspersed with a few instrumentals created in 2007. They were originally created for friends, public figures, and figments of my imagination, and this is the first time they have been released.
I wasn't really sweating writing new material so I was able to put extra effort into lavish arrangements and production, messing with orchestration, percussion, vocal arrangements, effects etc as well as guitars. Consequently some of the tunes have taken on what I hope is a 'timeless' world fusion vibe, while others may still deliberately sound like they were written in the nineteen-eighties.