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"Oh, for heaven's sake - everyone put on headphones. This is AWESOME!"
-- B on Alonetone
"Another tour de force of soundscapes, beats, dub and samples layered and woven to create an exotic place to take your head, and heart."
-- EthnoMusicMan
"High points that can be mentioned: "The Neighbourhood Dubhouse" had a catchy rhythm and you could easily imagine the piece being used for a "catwalk" model parade; "A Narrative of Paradise" was wistful and pretty; "Tuning a Soul" featured a reed synth that added effective textural colors; and "Geology" was pleasantly rockier than the rest."
"Oh man Geoffrey, I am loving Hemisphere! It's so rich and varied! Love the bass parts, the beauty, layered rhythms!Feels like journey...endless rooms, tuning a soul, with clarity, funhouse, paradise. They are all remarkable!"
-- M2
"Your music always makes me feel as if I've been to a different world and come back refreshed."
"The official HEMISPHERE press release"
"Your Music leads my thoughts to all places, all feelings,and all planes of being"
"Beautiful and busy! Headphones are a must for the whole wonderful effect!"
"One comes away from the listening and absorbing of Geoffrey's latest offering Hemisphere as though well-traveled in one's inner world... space-age technology combined with hallway voices, handclaps, blips, bleeps, smooth and sublime bass riffs, and a palette of sound that commands attention."
"Mr. Armes new release is a surprising developing tapestry. Elegant and transformative, Hemisphere is utterly beautiful and exciting (more)"
-- Ali
"Very atmospheric and rich. Potent..."
"Excellent production! Great headphone music! Nice sounds to meditate with."
"Inventive, engaging, and absolutely enjoyable. That's my summation of Geoffrey Armes' new CD, Hemisphere. Downright jazzy and spiced with world-beat overtones, Hemisphere is a unique experiment in music."
"It's simply hypnotic, a close-your-eyes-and-go ride. Hemisphere has proven itself to be a pleasant surprise across several welcome repeat listens. Armes' construction is superb; there's a lot of thought and soul showing through in the tracks here. I'm looking forward to more from him--and soon."
1 - Basic (12 Tracks and PDF Booklet) Download
2 - Big (12 Tracks, Plus 5 Bonus Tracks and PDF Booklet) Download
3 - Bonus (5 Bonus Tracks and PDF Booklet) Download
1 - Endless Mansion
2 - The Neighborhood Dubhouse
3 - Some Helpers
4 - A Narrative of Paradise
5 - Ancient Flow
6 - Light Fantastic Trip
7 - Friedrichstrasse
8 - Tuning a Soul
9 - Geology
10 - Clay Clusters
11 - Possibility
12 - With Clarity
(These bonus tracks are available only in the Big or Bonus download packages. They are not on the CD.)
1 - A Still Place
2 - Goodness
3 - Improvised Requiem for Pearl
4 - Dark Earth
5 - Las Americas