Nightbus to the Sun

Ebows and Wonds grooving around coruscating percussion and a slow turning gyre of a piano.

Instrumental Dance Ambience.

Written and recorded in Berlin this is an album of updated and revitalised vintage sounds. An easy to hear but vigorous multi-layered groove. The work method: the piano was dropped first, loosely on the click and then the track adorned with  variegated grooves of percussion, bass and keys all unraveling and traveling at individual rates vis-a-vis the click. Then knotted with quiet dance beats. Some notes on individual tracks:

I Like was first conceived 1980 in the Laban centre London as a work for Richard Haisma's wonderfully energetic choreography.

Dreams and Water was created initially in a Hoboken loft in 1984, as a kind of interpretation or riposte to the KISS FM Mega Mixes that won New York's airwaves every lunchtime that year.

Gibbous Moon Blue Sky and Sun is a 4th world nod towards Jon Hassell, and indeed Jon Keliohor of London Contemporary Dance School fame.

Canterbury Memory, I would cycle, a kind of pilgrimage as it were, from London, through Kent, to Petham just outside Canterbury, for sustenance and relief from the urban vibe.

The Old Straight Track, named after the Alfred Watkins book of the same name.

—Berlin 2017

All photos by Tess Savigear