“Shocked into action by his ‘life sentence’ illness, but energised by the efficacious remedies available, Geoffrey Armes refused to be cowed. Fortified by medicinal drugs, he returned to full-time music making at his residence in Berlin.”


1 — Lady Linnette (Of the Horses)
2 — The Glitter of Shoes (and a High Heeled Dress)
3 — On the Hill
4 — Wisdom Sweet Mercy Mild (The Stork)
5 — Omote Sando
6 — Go On Forever
7 — The Threshold World
8 — NY-Fla Blue
9 — The Winter Years
10 — The Endless End


Geoffrey Armes
Terri Blaine
Michael Desisto
Tom Desisto
Kory Grossman
Savannah Jo Lack
Katja Rudametkin
Tess Savigear