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Spirit Dwelling Review 1
Todd Evans

Inside Connection Magazine - January 2006 -

There's a kind of warm internal smile I experience when I hear how an
artist evolves and broadens their musical palette. And better yet,
listening to Geoffrey Armes' SPIRIT DWELLING somehow made me feel like I
was right there with him during his sonic discoveries, lost in the
creating (or was it found in the creating ? ) -- and thoroughly
enjoying the journey. Subtitled Music for Yoga (inspired by his
girlfriend who is a yoga instructor), SPIRIT DWELLING provides the
perfect underpinning to learning and practicing the discipline -- and it
is spot-on targeting of a musical niche on the business side. The Jon
Hassell influence hovers as Armes makes his own unique foray into what
Hassell calls Fourth World music self-described as “an ideal blend of
traditional music from around the world with Western forms and modern
electronics”. A departure from Armes' edgy singer/songwriter
acoustic-driven Green Love and Elemental Red, SPIRIT DWELLING features
an exotic blend of treated modal guitars and textured world percussion
rendered by pious hands.