Geoffrey Armes Galleries
Geoffrey Armes is an artist whose painting explores the blurred line between feeling and environment, expression and recollection, comment and recording. His work includes notebook doodles, large water colours, and charcoal sketches, all in a expressionist symbolist style. Each stroke of the paint brush has a performance element, an active recording of a moment, not unlike recording music. Subsequent to the onset of Parkinson’s these strokes have become interesting as the motor/sensory issues that come with the diagnosis intercede with their own commentary.
Gallery I - Rural
Linder Werder
The Lane
Three On A Beach
“Somebody asked if I was a painter. That would be a bit grandiose to claim. I did art pretty seriously and was on track to go to art school but never got there in the seventies. In Berlin a few years later I was told by a very good friend that I should keep a notebook so I did, for years, and included all kinds of sketches as well as words. My current work benefits from those years of that practice. A frequent motif found here is the bicycle, as keen cyclist Armes still regularly logs long distances in the forests local to Berlin. ”
Gallery II - Urban
Brixton 72
The Lovers Berlin Alexanderplatz
Brixton 72 Sketch 1
Brixton 72 Sketch 2
Herne Hill
“This multi-layered memories project is an expression of an early seventies South London childhood refracted through the prism of New York City 1980s notebooks realized in a Berlin atelier/apartment during the 2000s.”
Gallery III - Source Material
Brixton Laura 3 Bus
Brixton70 Book
Brixton70 with sketch
“Source sketches for some of my works.”
Exhibitions 2022
Geographies - A joint exhibition with Mardiningsih Du Carrois
ArtSalon bei Kiez Kultur with Live Music
“Gallery Exhibitions for 2022”