“The album Spirit Dwelling by Geoffrey Armes is the latest in a series that were created in his home studio. A sense of spirituality is what binds the series...” more...

“There's a kind of warm internal smile I experience when I hear how an artist evolves and broadens their musical palette. And better yet, listening to Geoffrey Armes' SPIRIT DWELLING somehow made me feel like I was right...” more...
--Todd Evans, Inside Connection Magazine January 2007

“If you're used to 'New Age' music referring to a lot of directionless noodling by people who haven't mastered their instruments, maybe punctuated by samples of ocean waves and wind, you will be pleasantly surprised listening to Geoffrey Armes' latest recording, “Spirit Dwelling”...” more...
--Kevin McLeod, Aural Fix Magazine - January 2007

“...what I've been saying on air about you. I love the CDs. I want everyone to have one. Such wonderful music. Thank you for sending them to me..”
--Marianne Knorzer, KRBS-LP 107.1 FM, Oroville, CA RadioBirdStreet

“Well it’s about time! I listened to the Vrskasana track and really liked it. Very fluid but meditative... looking forward to hearing more.”
--Heather Shaw
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

“I cannot tell you how much your music fills my life. In the rare moments when I am able to focus on myself, it is your music that I turn to for centering. Especially Spirit Dwelling... Your magic touches me profoundly.”
--A very grateful Yuet, Yuet Chu

“It’s really cool.”

“You're fantastic! Keep up the great work.”

“...appealing in a heartfelt and personal way.”
--Jon Hassell

“I've done Yoga to your music a few times and I find it works very well....I get into a fluid movement kind of mode.....if it works for me, a practitioner of 23 years, it should work for is very western sounding, in the occidental sense, but that may be just the ticket for all of us pop radio Americans who are entering into spiritual practice through Yoga.”
--Tom Desisto

Available now from Geoffrey Armes...

Spirit Dwelling, sonic architecture for the heart, mind and soul, is a gallery of deconstructed groove soundscapes that mix world percussion (udus, talking drums, rainsticks and the like), with treated guitars (lots of pitch-transposed parallel 4ths through delays, etc.) that bend lengthy modal melodies around drones and the occasionally very pure acoustic note. A holding place that invites contemplation or even 'no mind' peace, yet at the same time energizes and inspires movement and effort. A sonic space to work both with and with-in.

Yoga, a traditional practice of exercise for the body, aims to enable a freedom of spirit and soul from the body's demands. Hence, a music designed to accompany such practice should both inspire the coarse body energy required to complete the poses and so forth, and bring light to the hidden recesses of the spirit, acting as a holding place for a feeling of inner contemplation and peace. Or, as CG Jung writes, “I would do these exercises until I had calmed myself.”

Composer Geoffrey Armes, after some twenty-five years working with Modern Dance in New York City, Asia and Europe, combined with practice of the spiritual exercise of the Subud latihan, is uniquely positioned to create such music. With Spirit Dwelling, a beautifully crafted but deeply felt opus, he more than achieves this aim, with a lyrical sonority that sparkles and dances over an inexorable flow of well-wrought, deeply touching music. Put together by the same creativity that forged the acoustic journeys of Elemental Red, the modern dance music of Stretch and Breathe, and the dark dub of Ambient Black, this new CD will take you down another road. Place your mind aside and this music will take your soul into Spirit Dwelling.